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Local store fired a sick employee.

This employee was actually sick. In fact, we just recieved word that he passed away this evening. Local management sucks, and should be terminated as well. To terminate a long time employee for being in the hospital, tells me to no longer shop there. Target can kiss my ***, sue me for my card balance, whatever, I DON'T CARE. I'll never step foot in a Target store again, and will advise all others to do the same. Hire hard working young kids that we have raised to do right, and fired them to keep from having to pay the benefits to help folks stay healthy.
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Anon, kiddo, it is obvious that you are the same person as the person that wrote the letter. I emailed the admin about this and they told me that your comment on June 30 and the OP of this letter have the same IP address.


Maybe you, Trevor, should stop acting like a know-it-all brat. This really did happen.

I have never seen this website before today, and I am not a kid, I have worked here for over 20 years. YES! This is true.

A 27 year old employee was fired for missing too much work and he died on March 22, 2008. How does that make you feel now?


I have a feeling we are not hearing the whole story here. Get your facts straight kid before Target sues your parent for posting bad things online. They do supervise your internet usage right?

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Evansville, Indiana
New Reviewer

Do NOT use Target Baby Registry..stay away

I took 2 items to the customer service desk to be exchanged and was told that they couldn't do it without a gift receipt because the items were over 20$. There is record that they were purchased off my registry but still no help from customer service, nor the store manager. Was basically told I would have to eat the approx. 60$. Was also told be associate that I could probably exchange at Walmart???!!! I called the 800 number given to me by the store manager and got the same run around, was told that his manager was unavailable, and no , he couldn't give me the name of the "unavailable" manager and no, they couldn't call me back. I'd have to call back, and no, he isn't sure if the manager would be available then either. THEY SUCK!
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Wow only two of these comments actually helped me. To the other who posted useless stuff, please get off of comments like this open your eyes and read.

Also just because the worker was 18 does not mean anything, I have came across many different people like that at many different ages so I believe it is unfair to make a statement of a little 18 year old. The time when I was eighteen I had been working for two years and very experienced in my job.

People makes mistakes, just because a few people had a bad experiences does not mean I will not try it. One does not have to have one register and stick with it


You will be happy to learn that Tasha is alive and well. She is a grown woman and keeps her job by regurgitating old complaints. She now posts under the nomenclature, "a".


It is not targets fault that the gift giver did not include a gift reciept. Blame the giver.


I had to return something from my registry as well.I didnt have a gift reciept so the associate pulled up my registry.Based on the fact that it showed as purchased they were able to give me a store credit.I would try going to a different target store and seeing if they can help.As for the rest of the comments of this page.You do not have to respect someones opinion but you so have to respect that they have a right to an opinon.Just because you dissagree with somone does not give you the right to say some of the very rude things that have been said here.


I've had nothing but amazing experiences with my Target registry. I had a few problems registering with Babies R Us, but Target was a breeze.

I'll DEFINITELY use it again if I have the chance. :)


I am so mad.After two long months of perfecting the art of gift registry. I go online and I have nothing removed and the total registered items is like different every time I log on.

WTF!!! I can only imagine how much fun it is going to be if I have to return something.

I will never use them again!!!! :sigh


I just bought wedding gift registry items with cash. Got gift receipts for the person and was shocked to read the gift receipt said they could only return for store credit!

Why would that be? I paid cash and they may just want to return the item if someone bought an identical one elsewhere.

I now give the gift receipt but tell the bride if she needs to return for cash I will keep receipt and will gladly bring it in for her. (mom's too for baby registry)

Baffles me....


well TASHA my post says 18. ((eight-teen))

I didnt work for guest service.

I was one of the corporate phone operators.

But because the company wasnt what i expected i quit after a year. Now i work at the Marriott Corporate offices.


Why did you not log out yourself, and since when does Target hire eight year olds. You should have logged out before helping your friend, especially if you know how their system works.


Ladies.. I know how you all feel.

Not only am I an angry customer. But an angry team member. I helped my best friend register there for her baby shower and after we scanned 78 baby items i go to guest service where a little 18 year old tells me i added 78 things to someones wedding registry. She forgot to Log out the prev.

time. It was ridiculous.

If you ever receive the wrong change from a cashier, be ready to wait up to three days just to get $10!! They love to steal your money but swear everyone steals theirs...

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Fort Worth, Texas
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Target Stores - false adverting

Advertises & displays items not in stock. I went to Target to buy Covington Collection tables, all stores showed 'none in stock'. The next Sunday this furniture went on sale. I then tried on line web site, they offered a 15% for opening a new charge account. I applied, told approval would be mailed. Got approved, tried again on line, but they asked for my password. I called, 6 voice mails, 3 live rude customer service people, who could not help give me a password. I gave up, The sale was over. Be aware. They don't deserve my business ever.
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Raleigh, North Carolina

Target refused my coupon

Target sent me a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $100 or more. A few days later I made a purchase at Target which totaled $102.49. The manager refused to honor the coupon because the subtotal before tax was less than $100. She told me the only reason the total was more than $100 was because the tax was included. I asked her if tax was mentioned anywhere at all on the coupon, and she said no. I told her that as far as I was concerned my purchase was more than $100. She still wouldn't accept it.
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their is away to respond to her post with out being so rude....




You have to pay tax on merchandise in everystate besides New Hampshire. So if you want to use a coupon you always still have to pay tax, otherwise this would be illegal.

- unless you are tax exempt.

When you use any coupon anywhere its almost always before the tax. If you want it not to include tax go shopping in New Hampshire.


its common sense, its *** like you that make retail workers so miserable


You are an ***.

Your sense of entitlement is based on pure stupidity.

You probably think that just because it's a huge corporation, that they are inherently 'evil'. You're probably sucking on the teat of society anyway, abusing our economy for your own selfish needs, never thinking of what your role or contribution should be.

Think back to what JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Start to live by this and realize your personal responsibility as part of our society. Be a contributor instead of a parasite.



You *** ***, get a clue


Are you dumb? Or have you just never used a coupon before?


I can't stand target , try to avoid shopping there at all costs


Just because something is not written out for you on the coupon does not mean it's not common sense.


It would be illegal for Target to discount the tax like that. You did not purchase $100 worth of merchandise.

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Woodbridge, Virginia
Target Coupon
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Target is making a killing on thier Bridal Registry

My daughter signed up for the Bridal registry. They recieved thousands of dollars worth of items and gift cards. They recieved 7 Crock Pots and and 8 pyrex sets. One item that they recieved was a $25 shower curtain that is only sold at Target. It came without the holes in the top to hang it up. She tried to exchange it for one that was not defective, but the store refused to let her because of the $20 limit on returns or exchanges with out a reciept. They get people to sign up so that they benefit from many thousands of dollars in sales, and then refuse to accept items for exchange or return for credit with out a receipt. You can not force people to give you a gift or sales receipt so that you can exchange gifts, but when they refuse to exchange a defective item they sell, it should be illegal.
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You will never have any success at Target until you follow "You can beat them at their own"'s advice. They will never cooperate with you.

Since it is their policy to have a receipt, buy the same item again and return the defective one with your new receipt. That's the way they want it, so work within their own rules.

Good luck!! :p


Buy the same item again and take the defective one back with your receipt.


It is targets policy that you must have a reciept!! DON'T BLAME THEM!

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Galeton, Pennsylvania
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Ripped off

I bought born free baby bottles that were advertised as 2 pk 9oz bottles for 10.99 from Target. They sent me one bottle for 10.99. I went back to the website and apparently they had changed their prices. I asked customer service to look up the price as of my order date and they kept saying that it was a bottle...not a 2 bottle pack. I was so furious because I know for a fact that it was a 2 bottle pack...they even showed 2 bottles in the picture. I think they just went and increased their prices because these bottles are in such high demand due to all the conterversy on plastic bottles containing BPA. Target is a rip off...I have read so many other complaints abt them and never believed that a big retailer would screw customers over...but this is definitely unethical...and it is not what I expect from a large retailer.
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Check your email, order log, and packing slip to ensure that the item description explicitly says 2 pack. Then, take that up with Target Guest Relations.

Demand that they honor your TWO PACK if you have proof in order histories, packing slips, etc. that the order you have indeed says two.

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Holland, Michigan
New Reviewer

Target sneaky prices with false advertising and horrible customer service

Wednesday March 4th 2008 I saw on they had the V-Rocker Extreme DPCI: 249-11-**** as a temporary price cut as $19.99 and it clearly states "This item is available online and in stores." I went to Target in Bayshore NY. I had asked about the V-Rocker Extreme DPCI: 249-11-**** ...The said they had 4 and verified it was infact 19.99. When they went to look they said it was out of stock and proceeded to give me a listing of the other Target stores on Long island in New York. I then went in the car and called the Farmingdale NY Target and they gave me the same information only it was to late to go there at that point to pick it up but they told me to go back in the store and ask them to check in the back as they have 4 of them. I went back in asked customer service to check in the back for me and the lady laughed in my face and said they are unloading the truck that there was noone to look for me... There were over 30 people on staff that night and to top it she was ringing out another associate which was on the clock at that moment (which is not supposed to be done while they are on company time). She then ignored me so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor came and contacted someone in the back.... The person in the back said "this had better be good and important" with a very big attitude. After the supervisor gave the DPCI number with out a blink of an eye the person on the other end said they were out of stock. The next day I went to Farmingdale store, they confirmed it was 19.99 but they are not in stock and sent me to Westbury, SAME THING, Westbury sent me to Commack, Commack sent me to the Medford store... I thought my journey was over since they had them in stock... got up to the register and they rung them up only now the price was $59.99.... guest services called Bayshore and they said that $59.99 was the price! I get home and call customer service ad they tell me and Target stores are seperate entities and not all prices online are the same in the stores.... THEN WHY DOES THE SITE SAY AVAILABLE ONLINE AND IN STORES? Pretty much they can do nothing, so why do they have a customer service line I wonder? I will never step foot in a target store ever again, nor will I accept presents from anyone that are purchased in the store or online... this experience has cured me of ever dealing with them again! Target,, V-Rocker Extreme Catalog # : 1062**** ASIN: B000RZLMR8 DPCI: 249-11-****, false advertising.
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False pricing on site






dec. 8, 2011.

I was over charched at the register for a box of cerial. The manager at the customer service counter was happy to return my 26 cents and then told me that the lower price cereal was their brand market pantry. I went to check the shelf and found they had two different prices for the same product.

places. The label general mills 11.5 ounces


Target is way better than wal mart I don't care what anyone says. I know when I was looking for disney gift cards I was sent to 3 different stores all said to have them.

One lady explained, while yes they may have it inventory wise it might be pacakaged and hadn't come across it yet for current stock. Well i cut them slack and waited because I hate wal mart. I got my cards a couple days later.

Had you asked the manager for a rain check they would have given you one. I see them all over our stores!

#292365 and the Target stores will have different prices for some items. And just because it says it is availible in stores does not mean it's going to be in every single Target store. If you go into the store acting like a rude ***, then they will not help you to their fullest abilities, because I'll admit, if you act like a *** to me, I'll be a *** to you.


I am an online shopper. I use Google to search for items I am interested in buying.

No matter what product I am interested in the Target website is listed as a seller. However, when you go to their website, you cannot find the item. For example: I am looking for a Cook's Essential sauce pan. states they have the item.

When I entered website, it showed two TFal pans and nothing else. Is this legal?

I consider this false advertising to lure customers to their website in the hopes that they will purchase an item that Target does sell. Isn't this bait and switch?


May I Help You Find Something? you really need to stop sticking up for them because they actually do shady *** i have known many people that have worked at a target and I have heard of many indecent things about many different targets.

You are just trying to make them look good but it isn't working. Either you work for the company somewhere, you work at a target, or you are a lazy *** that can't move from in front of the computer anymore so you just talk *** to people over the internet.




You are a fool for driving around to different stores and assume the online price is the same as the store. Alot of companies are that way.



Prices clearly marked on the shelf scan at a higher price at the register, this has been going on for two years in my local Target store, Increase bottom line through deceptive "mistakes" Please note too, never has the incorrect scan been lower then the shelf price, always higher.

I'm done with Target and checking with my neighbors they were done along time ago, same complaint.

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Bohemia, New York

Target Exchange Light Blubs.

I am the one who has a compliant listed on 1-14 the TARGET "NO" exchange. Just a little really funny follow up. I took the same letter into Target and left it for the manager. The letter was dropped off at the same place you EXCHANGE. In front of me was a man returning an open blister pack of light blubs and he was getting MONEY back. Oh he had a receipt. It just further confirmed the stupidness of Target. They won't take something unopened back - but they take back an open pack of light blubs because they had a receipt. How did they know the light blubs weren't used for 6 months and returned in a newer package. Good news I have not shopped at Target in almost 8 weeks AND I have moved all my prescriptions to another local pharmacy and I know it cost them more than $20.00 (differrence of the exchange I did not get) for their employees and pharmacist to make the calls. I feel like a winner and that is all that matters.
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Irvine, California
Target Manager
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Pissed consumer info

I just sent a complaint toward target for the bogish practice that we received from their stores regarding a dam boppy pillow valued at $45 and was told that we were stuck because we did not have the receipt and the worst part about that was it was from our baby registry which totally makes no sense at all and if any target Manager or even the CEO would at least want to respond so that maybe I can get some assistance then my e-mail is fig20006****@***.com I don't mean no harm but I am pissed right now and feel like I've been wronged.
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Good luck with that....I had a few items purchased off my baby registry to exchange and it seems that they really don't care whether they *** you off or not, or whether you ever shop there again....I might as well have been trying to negotiate with a tree stump instead of the store manager. To me, It makes no sense to lose a customer who spends lots of money at your store (or has registered at your store sending many friends and family with their money to spend) due to a $45...or $60 item or whatever. But this seems to be no problem for them.

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Chicago, Illinois
Target Manager
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We were trying to return a boppy pillow recieved from our baby registry because we recieved 3 of them without the reciept. We were told that because the boppy pillow was over $20 we were just stuck. I think that this is absured and I will start a website to inform...
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Pssh, please: you don't want any refunds, you just want to complain because people didn't think to include gift reciepts.

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Chicago, Illinois
Target Website
Despite slick adverstising, I've decided Target sucks. Told at check-out that no dogs are allowed in store (dog in carrier, weighs 6 pounds). I understand that stores with so called eating establishments don't allow dogs due to health laws? Give it a break. A...
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Fuching dogs don’t belong in retail establishments

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Stone Mountain, Georgia
I used to frequently collect sports cards from this store in Bismarck. On my last occasion I was told to not TOUCH the packs of cards !!!!!! I wasnt opening them or damaging them, just touching and feeling different packs. Well, Scott, informed me that I was not to do...
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Although, it is done often by collectors in the trading card community, it is shunned by serious card collectors to "feel" the packs. Also, the odds for finding a big hit in card packs are increased when you buy blaster boxes or hobby packs.

The gravity feed packs have lower odds of finding bit hits. Hint: Stay away from the gravity feeds.

If you are looking for the big hits buy blasters or hobby boxes. They place special hits in these packages more often then in the gravity feeds.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
New Reviewer

Closed account based on false attorney letter

Today I called Target to ask why my account was disabled and found out it had been closed! I asked why and was transferred to the Bankruptsy deparment! Apparently Target credit services recieved a letter from an attorney in my town stating that I was considering bankruptcy...nothing could be further from the truth! They even acted like it was my fault! I got the name and number of the attorney and called him and HE didn't know what they were talking about! I called them back, and of course they reopened my account, but I don't want that I want to know why they took this action against me without any consultation! I also gave the attorney, whose name is on the letter, the number so he could call but he doesn't think they will talk to him since it is third party. He did say that they may have broken a consumer law -reach of contract or something and that I may have a case. I don't know about all that but I am concerned as to how a company can take action against me with absolutely no contact with me! All of this is completely false and when I asked for a copy of the letter in questions I was told that they didn't have it ..just the information on the file. I told them that I knew better and that they had a hard copy or microfiche of that letter somewhere. I was told then by the Target rep that "she would do some research and try to find it" I told her that I contacted the attorney in question and he wanted a copy also. I am not sure what to do from here. I plan to send a certified letter requesting a copy of the original correpsondence from the attorney. Then what?
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Livingston, New Jersey
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TARGET Return Policy for Baby Registry

I registered at Target for my baby shower. I received a play yard as a gift and just opened it to find it broken. I didn't open the box and assemble the play yard until now because my son is now 4 months old. I went to Target today to replace it or give me a store credit. They wouldn't let me return it since it was past 90 days. It is on my registry! I called the manufacturer today. I am fortunate that the manufacturer (L.A. Baby) is shipping me a play yard tomorrow without me having to return the broken one. I'll never shop or register at Target. If I knew they had an unreasonable return policy, I wouldn't have registered with them.
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Wow, you know that returning those items to a store other than the one they came from is illegal, right? Fraud is a great example to set for your kids, huh?


I registered at Target for my baby registry, and at my shower I received 3 baby monitors, 2 diaper bags, and 2 bouncy chairs. I was so embarrassed that the Target registry had screwed up, especially because some of the shower gifts were from distant friends.

So, when I tried to return the items, I was informed that if they were over $20 without a receipt, they were unreturnable. Even though all the items were off the registry!

Needless to say I was p.o.'d. I luckily was able to return most of the items for store credit at Babies R Us (they are all perfectly new so I did not feel bad because I know that store can resell them).

As for the diaper bags, they are a Target exclusive, luckily $19.95 on the price tag. So when I went to return one, after showing my driver's license, the clerk only gave me $5 because they are now on "clearance"!

I told the clerk that I would have to shut down my Target registry because of the policy, she said, "O.K."

That's the last time I go to Target.

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Boston, Massachusetts
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I picked up my pictures at the brick target store today. It was a 12 exp. I paid for them and then left the store. I opened them in my car with my son and I was charged for 4 pics. Only one was mine. None of the other pics came out. I was charged for a cd & 4 pics $8.34 and I asked for my money back and the woman behind the counter as she gave me a credit back on my debit card which she said was cancelled right away but it was not and shemad a coment that its not her fault I can take good pictures. I saked her if they check the quality of the pics before they put them out and she really didnt care. She said what is there they put out even if the film was bad. I will nevr shop at that Target again. Iam still waiting for my credit back to my debit card.
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Brick Township, New Jersey