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No air ventilation and gas fumes for early morning employees at Target

I have a friend that works the early morning shift and goes in at around 4 AM. He says that to conserve on energy, Target shuts the ventilation system off until the store opens. Meanwhile, the employees have to work in hot conditions and must breathe the fumes from the gas powered floor buffers. He says that many of the employees feel sick from this. It's not even summer yet. No one should have to work under these kinds of conditions especially with having to work for less than $8.00 an hour. When I come in to shop in the morning, you can still smell the fumes and it is hot.
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Target doesn't hire people under 16 years old and no one that young would be working at 4:00am. Speaking from experience, it must be that way in all Target stores. It's miserable before 8am when the store opens.


I had an awful experience as a department manager at Target. I ran the Ladies and Mens Dept.

completely by myself. So, I had to merhandise, do planograms, adjacancies, clear out the fitting room, get returns, fold the tables, finger space all the racks, expected to run a register when they were short, and when it was my turn, supervise the other soflines departments! My store manager started to harrass me, basically-as hard as I worked, it was not good all the racks weren't finger spaced, and the adjacancy wasn' EXACTLY done acordinally to plan...close, but that did not matter, and he would not listen to why it was done that way-He just knew it wasn't exact-That's when I lost It!!

I couldn't

take the abuse any longer and quit that day! ABUSE-that's what it comes down to.


I bet the friend is under 14, you have to be 14 to post on this site. :D


How old is your friend. Can't he/she speak for themselves.

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#120527 Review #120527 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Chicago, Illinois
I purchased a sea turtle cd holder. The cashier did not place the item in my bag. When I got home, I noticed that it was not there. I checked my receipt and was charged for it. I called customer service and they told me that they had the item behind the counter waiting...
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Watch the clerk carefully as they bag your items.

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Long Beach, California
New Reviewer

Beware of Target's extended warranty

In April of 2007 I purchased a new Canon S3IS. Roughly 2 weeks ago it broke down and I sent it away to the recommended place on Target's extended warranty slip. I received a call yesterday and was told that the LCD and lens housing would have to be replaced and the repairs would cost me more than the purchase price of the camera. They told me this would not be covered by the warranty. What good is the warranty if you have to pay for the repairs?!! I checked with Canon and they told me the repairs would cost less than half of what Target's repair facility charged. What kind of a rip-off is this?! I do not believe the LCD was broken as it worked perfectly before I sent it in.
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#119952 Review #119952 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Sequim, Washington
Target Facility

Harsh truth from an employee of Megacorp

Hi there. I've been working for Target (on the sales floor) for about 5 weeks now and wanted to share a painful truth I feel it's important for people to understand--not just about Target but about any other huge retail corporation. I've had a number of low-level retail jobs in SMALLER stores and smaller companies; never at a store like this which has a total of 300 employees. Target, like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sears, JCPenney and the like, relies above ALL ELSE on quantity. The store I'm at seems to pull down *roughly* $185,000 a day on average, and if we assume each customer spends an average of $125 this means the store sees at least 1,500 or so paying customers every day--a figure which likely comes close to doubling on the weekends. There's just no polite or delicate way to say what I'm about to say, so here it goes. Generally speaking: individuals, be they shoppers or employees, really don't matter. What matters is the bottom line. If for example this post was somehow traced back to me by headquarters, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to be fired immediately and without explanation (they might give me 30 seconds) -- because, although my superiors at the store are generally nice and supportive people, I have no allusions about my value as an employee in the grand scheme of things despite the fact that I consider myself a diligent worker. The store has a "Now Hiring" sign out year-round. Similarly, megacorporations laugh at the rare shopper who becomes frustrated and declares that they will never shop there again. The harsh truth is that they will be just fine without ever seeing that person again. ~Now this isn't to discount the fact that there are a lot of good-intentioned people working WITHIN Megacorp, trying their best to please people and do a good job, because there are. (9 out of 10 times I am one of those people; the rest of the time I'm overloaded with time-sensitive tasks and have to disobey our marching orders to ask every single person, in these exact words: "Can I help you find something?") Anyways, I'm glad most of the complaints I've seen on this site are pretty reasonable and directed at the company as opposed to the employees, (though of course employees sometimes deserve it.) I'm positive I've come across as hopelessly inept on the sales floor more than once, but all I can do is my best under the circumstances. If you're patient enough to have read this far then you probably appreciate it when you can see an employee genuinely trying to help you--even if in the end you don't get the result you were hoping for. Final thought: Personalization is a source of a tremendous amount of unnecessary and avoidable conflict. We all take or make things personal which aren't from time to time.
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I've been working for Target for just a few months longer than you, and I am the first to admit that there are days when the facts you have presented depress the heck out of me, because in general, they are true. Ours is such a thankless job, my friend, and it sucks; no one ever seems to care when we're helpful, but everyone will complain if we have one off day.

And yes, we're expendable: the "Now Hiring!" sign is a constant feature at my store as well. It's unfortuate, but I guess it sort of comes with the territories when you work for a major corporation. Best bit of advice I can give you is to try not to think too much about it; the only think that will lead to is further frustration/depression, and if you need your job like I do, feelings like those just make it harder to go to work. Focus instead on learning as many work-related skills as possible and building up networks with people who have the potential to help you out later in life.

That way, you will not feel as though the corporation is using you so much as YOU are using the CORPORATION.

And for all the people who never take the time to say it: thank you for all of the hard work you do every day. :)



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#119695 Review #119695 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Francisco, California
To me Target is a great store as long as you do not have to work for them. They slave drive their employees. Alot of them do not have educations. Except for the store managers. They are just as bad as Walmart. They do not practice diversity to me. They do not pay as...
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I'm a bit late to this one, but I agree 100%. Luckily, I was only hired as a seasonal employee when I was in high school and I didn't have to work at Target for very long; however, it was a horrible experience (mostly because of the managers) and I would never consider applying for a permanent job there.

I haven't worked at Walmart, but I know people who have worked at both Target and Walmart and they unanimously agree that Walmart is better (and they didn't like Walmart very much). I really do pity the people who have to work at Target.

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#118746 Review #118746 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Roseville, California
New Reviewer
What can I say but they stink! Even though you sent your friends and family to thier store for gifts, they won't exchange for another item needed/return for credit even if on the registrey. I guess I'll just have to be rude to the gift giver and require them to...
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I also did my baby registry @ seems things have improved slightly since the 2008 posts, because any item that was on my registry that I had no receipt for I was able to exchange for the current selling price - but don't get me wrong - this IS a complaint. When registering @ target, as with most retailers, you are pomised a "completion discount" to use after your event has passed.

At this retailer it is a book of coupons redeemable for 15% off of anything on your registry that you didn't get, 10% off anything NOT on registry that you still want. Never got it. Battled back and forth with their customer service for FOUR MONTHS after my shower had long since passed and not until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau did I even get anyone's attention. In the end they sent me a $30 gift card, hardly worth all the trouble I went to on thephone and thru email just to get what I was promised to start with.

Also bought all of my dishes, glasses and silverware from target - DON'T! The silverware (one of their higher end sets) rusted the FIRST time thru the dishwasher, the plates chipped the FIRST time thru the dishwasher, and the glasses are the only things still going strong, and their the cheapie brand!!!

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Miami, Florida
New Reviewer

Target Online & Brick Mortar Don't Mix!

If you buy something online, there is practically no way of returning it! I purchased a clothing item online from in November. It arrived within 7 days promptly, but it was the wrong item. Completely different size and pattern. I searched their website and it said to send the item back and they will send the correct one in return (even though on the website itself it had this item listed as SOLD OUT and no longer available.... hmm). I sent the item back, and two weeks later another package arrived. It was the correct item in the correct size, but it was utterly poor in quality. The hem on the coat sleeves and bottom were coming apart- to fix it myself would have been very time consuming. If it was one missing button ok fine not a big deal, but this was beyond the average person's repair. I went back to the website, and it said to bring it into the store for a refund. So I go to the store, and the lady at the counter says "You've already returned this item according to the system". I explain how they sent the wrong item. She proceeds to call online? Or Target who knows and after 25 minutes (the poor woman was on hold here and there, it sucked for her too), she said "They said they're not sure why the website told you to return it in the store, but you have to return it by printing the shipping label and mailing it in". I couldn't, because it told me to go to the store and would not print a free return shipping label. I was going to have to pay $10 to ship a coat back which was damaged? This was amazing. At the end, I didn't even get a refund for shipping the item back! I disputed the charge with my credit card company (this was in February), but now in April it has returned back onto my credit card as a charge ($69.99). You read about how horrible their wedding registry site is, well now you know their online store is just horrible at managing simple purchasing processes and the website is buggy. Will not purchase again online from
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#118508 Review #118508 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Manchester, New Hampshire
Target Deal
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Http:// A SCAM!

This is a scam site where it promises targeted or untargeted visitors to your blog or website. Don't fall into the trap as I did. I needed 20,000 views for my video and paid them $9.99 via paypal to get 10,000 untargeted views a month ago. They told me after doing the payment that I will receive an email from them but until now nothing. I even contacted them but there was no reply. I have reported this website to several scam report site and in some forums. Stay away from this loser and may god give them a horrible death.
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I Love You people are very unfair in your opinions. I always get all traffic purchased from this website and I make my living on the internet. Targetwebvisitors is the best!


too early to make a final conclusions but after three days in the campaign i find no increased visitors from my own visitors statistics (including google ana)

while there so called stat show that they served me with 355 visitors so far. I wonder if they were 355 ghosts. But again it is too early for a final conclusion, i will look forward to their reply


//Stay away from this loser and//

This comment is OK


// may god give them a horrible death //

above comment is un acceptable.

Please! after all they too a human which is not a perfect living being.

Person who forgive is called as "Man"

Forgive those prats. :) :upset


I have also used this website and I always receive more visitors than I purchase. One of the Best Traffic websites on the internet in my opinion!


We have used this website many times and have had excellent results. No problems here and I will return! Thanks.

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#118369 Review #118369 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
Target Website
New Reviewer

Targets product quality

I had ordered a dress online, even though I like to go in and try on the clothes. There just happens to be more variety on the web site than in the stores. So I order this dress and when I took the dress out of the shipping box I noticed a smell and then upon closer examination I saw mold spots on the dress. I immediately took the dress back for a refund. I could not believe that the company would even ship a consumer an item that clearly had mold spores on it, along with a distinct odor. This company clearly does not care about product control.
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#117752 Review #117752 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Canby, Oregon
New Reviewer

Company treats the night shift employees horrible

Target hustles their night shift employees. Hours are limited, full time employees only get 18 to 24 hours per week. How are people suppose to live of such money, there is a lot of work, but they won't give us the hours, they hustle us all night and then send us home. They disrespect us because many of us speak limited English, so they think they can talk down to us. Something needs to be done. This is the Target Store in NJ Fairfield. I want to report them to the labor department because this is not right what they do to us. They tell us not to ask for more hours, they told us if we call in sick then they will limit our hours even less. That's discrimination....
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That is not discrimination. You do a good job you will get more hours, you call in sick whenever you don't feel like going to work they limit your hours. Why are you even complaining about hours when you constantly call in sick.


you're a *** ***.


:( :? :p :x :grin


I used to work as a Target flow team member. I'm in so cal.

I saw the same things you did. The lack of hours, according to them, is based on low sales. Whenever they don't meet their daily sales goal, payroll hours get cut. OK, fine, I can understand that, but then don't schedule double trucks.

If sales are that low, why are you stocking more product and scheduling less people to push it?

A union would have a good chance of getting in based on that. I got the *** out of that lousy job and went to cashiering.


Yes, they discriminate against anyone white, educated and affluent. I can not believe some of the pond *** they employ.


Target has *** prices considering the substandard quality *** they sell. anything brand name can be bought elsewhere for less.

They treat their employees poorly and in turn the employees treat the consumers poorly. In Atlanta, even in the affluent areas they hire uneducated African Americans and Hispanics that treat white people like dirt. Their return policy is ridiculous and they do treat you like you stole something if you don't have a receipt.

Instead of giving so much to charity for which they get a tax break they should pay their employees a decent wage and give them enough hours to qualify for benefits. If you work for Target, start a union and put these losers I'm their place.


they arent saying its hard tough guy, theyre saying they dont like the management. stop acting like you have everything figured out.

and to the other guys some management is just terrible anywhere you look, target is one of those places. good luck


Stop *** complaining about your job, there's no set time for you to quit. If it's that terrible QUIT already. Be happy you even have a JOB!


I know how u feel because i still work as a flow member at target. They treated us like slave most of the time.

They give us lot of works and less pay.

They make us work during our 15 mins break.

I can't wait to quit this job...


Oh grow up nd get a dictionary to learn the meaning of discrimination. If you call in sick then why would they want to give you hours.

You are probably just some lazy employee that wants things handed to them. You should be lucky you are getting any hours with people not having a job.

Either grow up or quit so someone who is not a whiner can work. Quit calling in sick all the time.

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#117167 Review #117167 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Clifton, New Jersey
New Reviewer


My letter to Target Execs Below "Recently my wife and I registered with Target for our wedding that hosted 181 people. We were extremely pleased with the ease of registering, scanning, and making our registry available for our guests. HOWEVER, we have several duplicate items purchased at target which wouldnt be a problem with other registries we have. They may not have scanned them to be acounted for in the registry or simply been in a hurry. Whatever the case, we received several duplicates without gift reciepts. On sunday we tried to return the duplicated SEALED packages to our local target in Mira Loma, CA. We were then told that unless the product was under $20 in value, we could not exchange them for store credit. This has to be the most absurd return policy I have ever heard of. We happened to have recieved 3 crockpots valued at $49.99, and other items that we now feel "stuck" with. My solution is not to boycott target. it's a store that's too practical, and too convenient for our needs... HOWEVER, I wll inform everyone that I know NOT to register for target for their showers, weddings or other events because the absurd return policy that will keep me regifting for years to come. As a burned consumer, i feel it's my duty to warn others about your ridiculous return policy on wedding forums, blogs, or other websites. I feel that all other "25-35's that are thinking about registering should not have to rely on the competence of their guests to deliver gift reciepts with every purchase. If I am not emailed within the next 3 days concerning the matter, i plan to stage a massive campaign exposing your registry for what it is; A massive conspiracy to force the re-gifting of crockpots."
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Who cares returning the item at wal-mart is not going to hurt them. Especially if you exchange it for another item.

Even if I were "scamming" who cares they make lots of money.

They are the top retailer. So get a life losers and stop judging me.


Mafiagodfather, the reason these guests did not send a gift receipt was because they did not have their mommies and daddies in the store to make sure that they had everything they should. You should not blame the guests they are just young children. If not, well good luck to them in the future.


Barbara, I have to say I agree somewhat with ghostbuster on this one. The part about you being wrong to exchange a gift from Target to Wal--Mart.

Not the part of giving up your child. If you knew it was bad to exchange a Target product at Wal-Mart then why did you do it. You are aware that it is because of people like you who are dishonest that they have these strict policies? Usually if I get something that I don't want I give it as a gift to another person if I can't exchange it.

It is not that hard for your guests to ask for a gift receipt.

Ghostbuster is 11 years old he figured out what you did was wrong. If an 11 year old knows that this is wrong why can't you figure it out.

As for the person that wrote this letter how hard is it to ask for a gift receipt?


Well than Barbara, you and your friends need to grow up. If they don't send the gift receipt it is their fault.

Don't blame them on your friends careless mistake. Then again you encourage scamming. ( Returning a Target product to Wal-Mart.) Do us all a favour when your child is born either give the child up for adoption to an honest mother, or stop your dishonest prastices. Or better yet teach your child to donate.

Don't only think of yourself.. Think of others, it is already too late for you but it will teach your child to be a better person


Well than Barbara, you and your friends need to grow up. If they don't send the gift receipt it is their fault.

Don't blame them on your friends careless mistake. Then again you encourage scamming. ( Returning a Target product to Wal-Mart.) Do us all a favour when your child is born either give the child up for adoption to an honest mother, or stop your dishonest prastices. Or better yet teach your child to donate.

Don't only think of yourself.. Think of others, it is already too late for you but it will teach your child to be a better person.


I just want to add to those comments who are blaming us consumers for not knowing Target's return policy: We DO know the policy, that's not the problem. The problem is that some of the people buying you gifts don't include the gift receipt with their gift, therefore making it impossible for an exchange or refund. And you can't exactly call the person up and ask if they can find where they put their receipt.


I've just gone through the same dilemma with my baby registry...Target SUCKS! Their return policy is ridiculous.

Now I'm stuck with duplicate items I cannot return. I actually was able to exchange a couple of items bought from Target to my local Wal-Mart.

I know that's bad, but who cares? My theory is that Target is run by French people and they just don't give a ***.


It isnt Target's fault your wife and yourself don't know how to read. They have the policy at the back of the receipt.


Should it really be the stores fault if your friends and family couldn't do the simplest thing in PRINTING OFF AN UPDATED GIFT REGISTRY AND GIVING IT TO THE CASHIER????? Corporate stores have their policies for a reason.

Is it really wrong for the stores to require a receipt of some sort to return merchandise? No it is not. You knew the return policy before you registered with them.

Their return policy is posted EVERYWHERE. Every register, on the back of the receipt, and the Customer Service Desk.


I am having a baby and my husband and I had planned to register at Target...until my friend told me issues she had with returns. The sad thing is, not everyone remembers to or gives gift receipts and it shouldn't be your punishment to not be able to return it.

I am not thrilled that I have had several friends purchase gifts at Target, and I hope and pray that they attach gift receipts.

I work for Bed, Bath and Beyond where we have an EXTREMELY hassle free return policy...I think all the limitations that Target has on their policy is kind of an excuse...we have people return or exchange things without receipts and it's not like we are losing money over it.

I think its a waste of time to register at a place that has such a limited and strict policy on returns.

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#116951 Review #116951 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

Local store fired a sick employee.

This employee was actually sick. In fact, we just recieved word that he passed away this evening. Local management sucks, and should be terminated as well. To terminate a long time employee for being in the hospital, tells me to no longer shop there. Target can kiss my ***, sue me for my card balance, whatever, I DON'T CARE. I'll never step foot in a Target store again, and will advise all others to do the same. Hire hard working young kids that we have raised to do right, and fired them to keep from having to pay the benefits to help folks stay healthy.
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Anon, kiddo, it is obvious that you are the same person as the person that wrote the letter. I emailed the admin about this and they told me that your comment on June 30 and the OP of this letter have the same IP address.


Maybe you, Trevor, should stop acting like a know-it-all brat. This really did happen.

I have never seen this website before today, and I am not a kid, I have worked here for over 20 years. YES! This is true.

A 27 year old employee was fired for missing too much work and he died on March 22, 2008. How does that make you feel now?


I have a feeling we are not hearing the whole story here. Get your facts straight kid before Target sues your parent for posting bad things online. They do supervise your internet usage right?

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#116200 Review #116200 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Evansville, Indiana
New Reviewer

Do NOT use Target Baby Registry..stay away

I took 2 items to the customer service desk to be exchanged and was told that they couldn't do it without a gift receipt because the items were over 20$. There is record that they were purchased off my registry but still no help from customer service, nor the store manager. Was basically told I would have to eat the approx. 60$. Was also told be associate that I could probably exchange at Walmart???!!! I called the 800 number given to me by the store manager and got the same run around, was told that his manager was unavailable, and no , he couldn't give me the name of the "unavailable" manager and no, they couldn't call me back. I'd have to call back, and no, he isn't sure if the manager would be available then either. THEY SUCK!
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Wow only two of these comments actually helped me. To the other who posted useless stuff, please get off of comments like this open your eyes and read.

Also just because the worker was 18 does not mean anything, I have came across many different people like that at many different ages so I believe it is unfair to make a statement of a little 18 year old. The time when I was eighteen I had been working for two years and very experienced in my job.

People makes mistakes, just because a few people had a bad experiences does not mean I will not try it. One does not have to have one register and stick with it


You will be happy to learn that Tasha is alive and well. She is a grown woman and keeps her job by regurgitating old complaints. She now posts under the nomenclature, "a".


It is not targets fault that the gift giver did not include a gift reciept. Blame the giver.


I had to return something from my registry as well.I didnt have a gift reciept so the associate pulled up my registry.Based on the fact that it showed as purchased they were able to give me a store credit.I would try going to a different target store and seeing if they can help.As for the rest of the comments of this page.You do not have to respect someones opinion but you so have to respect that they have a right to an opinon.Just because you dissagree with somone does not give you the right to say some of the very rude things that have been said here.


I've had nothing but amazing experiences with my Target registry. I had a few problems registering with Babies R Us, but Target was a breeze.

I'll DEFINITELY use it again if I have the chance. :)


I am so mad.After two long months of perfecting the art of gift registry. I go online and I have nothing removed and the total registered items is like different every time I log on.

WTF!!! I can only imagine how much fun it is going to be if I have to return something.

I will never use them again!!!! :sigh


I just bought wedding gift registry items with cash. Got gift receipts for the person and was shocked to read the gift receipt said they could only return for store credit!

Why would that be? I paid cash and they may just want to return the item if someone bought an identical one elsewhere.

I now give the gift receipt but tell the bride if she needs to return for cash I will keep receipt and will gladly bring it in for her. (mom's too for baby registry)

Baffles me....


well TASHA my post says 18. ((eight-teen))

I didnt work for guest service.

I was one of the corporate phone operators.

But because the company wasnt what i expected i quit after a year. Now i work at the Marriott Corporate offices.


Why did you not log out yourself, and since when does Target hire eight year olds. You should have logged out before helping your friend, especially if you know how their system works.


Ladies.. I know how you all feel.

Not only am I an angry customer. But an angry team member. I helped my best friend register there for her baby shower and after we scanned 78 baby items i go to guest service where a little 18 year old tells me i added 78 things to someones wedding registry. She forgot to Log out the prev.

time. It was ridiculous.

If you ever receive the wrong change from a cashier, be ready to wait up to three days just to get $10!! They love to steal your money but swear everyone steals theirs...

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Fort Worth, Texas
New Reviewer

Target Stores - false adverting

Advertises & displays items not in stock. I went to Target to buy Covington Collection tables, all stores showed 'none in stock'. The next Sunday this furniture went on sale. I then tried on line web site, they offered a 15% for opening a new charge account. I applied, told approval would be mailed. Got approved, tried again on line, but they asked for my password. I called, 6 voice mails, 3 live rude customer service people, who could not help give me a password. I gave up, The sale was over. Be aware. They don't deserve my business ever.
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#115791 Review #115791 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Target refused my coupon

Target sent me a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $100 or more. A few days later I made a purchase at Target which totaled $102.49. The manager refused to honor the coupon because the subtotal before tax was less than $100. She told me the only reason the total was more than $100 was because the tax was included. I asked her if tax was mentioned anywhere at all on the coupon, and she said no. I told her that as far as I was concerned my purchase was more than $100. She still wouldn't accept it.
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their is away to respond to her post with out being so rude....




You have to pay tax on merchandise in everystate besides New Hampshire. So if you want to use a coupon you always still have to pay tax, otherwise this would be illegal.

- unless you are tax exempt.

When you use any coupon anywhere its almost always before the tax. If you want it not to include tax go shopping in New Hampshire.


its common sense, its *** like you that make retail workers so miserable


You are an ***.

Your sense of entitlement is based on pure stupidity.

You probably think that just because it's a huge corporation, that they are inherently 'evil'. You're probably sucking on the teat of society anyway, abusing our economy for your own selfish needs, never thinking of what your role or contribution should be.

Think back to what JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Start to live by this and realize your personal responsibility as part of our society. Be a contributor instead of a parasite.



You *** ***, get a clue


Are you dumb? Or have you just never used a coupon before?


I can't stand target , try to avoid shopping there at all costs


Just because something is not written out for you on the coupon does not mean it's not common sense.


It would be illegal for Target to discount the tax like that. You did not purchase $100 worth of merchandise.

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Woodbridge, Virginia
Target Coupon