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Checkouts at TARGET

Of the 30+ cash registers at my local Target Superstore it is rare to find more than 4 or 5 open. Lines have to back up before the "Team Members" standing around chatting will open more. When they do open more, they direct people appoaching the register area to the opening register rather than taking the people that are waiting in line. Either Target needs to get rid of a bunch of those registers so I don't come to the front of their store expecting to find a register with a short line or they should convert some lines to self check out lines if they don't want to hire cashiers to operate the registers they have.
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Why are lots of target team member on consumer sites? Quit being a homer Tar-bot and see what we all see. THE REAL WORLD !!!!


The teammeber you see standing infront of the register is the GSTL, Guest Service Team Lead. Having all registers open is pointless, they are there for when back up are need and days like the day after thanksgiving, where you will see most open on that day.

All registers have a button on it that will send out a call to all employees who have walkies requesting backup. Target trains employees to have a 1 + 1 method. One being checked out, and one waiting. If that is exceeded, then either a cashier will hit the button or the GSTL will ask for people to come up.

It takes a minute or two for people to off the floor and to start ringing.

ALL TEAMMEMBERS no matter what place they work in were trained their first two days to in work the lanes.

As for self checkout alot more guest have troubles with them than you might think.


That just sounds like a typical retail store. Unfortunately Kmart and Wal-mart is the same.

I guess they want to cut wages because they know that there are people willing to wait for a long time to get buy their items because it costs less. In other words they make the same profit but make customers wait longer.

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Blaine, Minnesota
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Target is Unamerican

Target is a French company. They hate the American military. Asked for a small donation disabled war veterns they said" they only donate to *** groups" They stop all benefits, health and etc for any employee that is in the reserve or national guard that is called to duty. As you know the french do not like Americans, but will take their money. If you do not believe this, go to a target store and ask for a donation, or if you can collect money outside the store fo some military organization. when they say no, ask for the phone number or e-mail address of the main office. Call or e-mail and see what their response is.
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“Target is a French company.”

Not true! Can you prove otherwise?


Target has a general no solicitation policy. It doesn't matter whether you're asking for donations for a military charity, the homeless, or some another legitimate charitable organization, or if you're simply panhandling. It doesn't have anything to do with hating the military.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Target Red Card Using Tricky Tactics to Make More Money

I have had a Target Red Card for about 3 years now. I originally had a $500 limit. Despite NEVER having a late payment, they evidently dropped my limit to $300, while I still had a balance over $300, resulting in a over limit fee. Pissed, I called to see what I could do. After talking to more people who didn't understand English nor manners, I just paid what I needed to get below that limit. I am very diligent about checking my credit statements online about five (or more) times a month. Two months ago, after paying MORE than my minimum balance (by $100), I checked a few days after my payment cleared my bank account to discover that I had a $10 minimum balance due a week before my usual due date. WTF?! I paid it right then and there, knowing full well they thought they would trick me, and I wouldn't notice and would have to pay that $25 late fee. Then this last month, I wrote a check to pay off my card. I suppose seeing another good customer going down the drain, they decided to first calculate my interest on 6/16 and then credit my payment on 6/16. Consequently I have a $3.20 balance. Had I just assumed that my card was paid off, I would be incurring another $25 late fee. TARGET RED CARD MANAGEMENT IS THE *** OF THE EARTH. TRICKING YOUR CUSTOMERS TO MAKE MORE MONEY IS NO WAY TO TREAT OR KEEP CUSTOMERS.
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my recently deceased parent had a red card I never knew about & also a bankruptcy about the same time the card was issued. I notified them about the death & sent death certificate advising there is no estate.

When someone is old and bankrupt due to *** sucking predatory lenders that should be a no-brainer. This was a one person account, nobody used it but the cardholder-it also had an interest rate of 24.99%! Holy juice loan! Today we get a notice from a "specialist" in "deceased account care"-(translation-how to collect money from dead persons or sucker their families into thinking they have to pay).

I'm thinking I'd rather pay our lawyer than deal with them, but here's what else we plan to do. Our extended family will cease to shop at Target and will also encourage all our friends to do the same -& it's a big family, all in the major spending years of their lives. Over the next year or so, they should lose 2-3 times what they're trying to squeeze out of us -when the LAW says we have no obligation to pay-it even says so in their own literature. So watch out people, Red Card and Target have no ethics-they are predatory lenders and will even try to hound you when you're dead.

In this one instance, take Nancy Reagan's advice and JUST SAY NO! good luck, good fortune, and we hope you'll treat Target as they deserve to be treated.


Actually the fees were late I have to admit. I have a gambling problem.

My wife whom I married in Feb 2009 is threatening to leave me unless I get help with my gambling problems. the real reason they reduced my limit was becase I was cosntantly late and constanly late on my payments. Right now she found out that I was stealing money from her which is supposed to be used to feed our eleven month old child to spend it on gambling and drinking. The reason I could not pay my bills on time was because of my gambling and drinking problem.

I was too busy spending my money on gambling and beer. I blame the bar because they sell beer which makes you unaware of how much you are spending. They lure you with beer to gamble and not know how much time you spend at the casino. I also posted the comment under "cm" to make my store more believable because people saw through me.

I lied about making payments on time and got mad when they did research and did not believe me. Please disreguard this letter.


I am no longer a customer of Target! They canceled my perfect credit record Red Card without notifying me.

I found out it was invalid while other customers were waiting behind me in the checkouts. I paid with alternate card but, after the *** excuse I received from the Red Card customer service, I returned all the merchandise and shopped elsewhere.

The excuse was I had not used the card for over a year. Still, they did not inform me of the cancellation!


I just payed off my card balance of $4,000, and now my limit is only $500. I have never been late and my credit score has actually gone up.


I am furious with them. I am going to report them to the better business bureau.


I'd check my credit score. There must be something new on it.

Credit card companies really don't make money when you spend less. Lowering a limit is a last resort.


And this is why idiots shouldn't have credit cards.

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Burlington, Vermont
Target Credit Card
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Heads Up Target Shoppers!

I bought some beautiful brown towels at Target to go with my newly decorated bathroom. After one washing they looked like a cat had shredded half of them! Unbelieveable! One washing! I read a lot of the reviews here and found another one with the exact same problem. Of course, *** me, I had no idea I had to SAVE THE RECEIPT on towels. Target should post a sign above the entrance stating, (ALL SALES FINAL! except for 2 $20 buck ones if you're very, very good and can wangle it out of us) I will be spreading the word to everyone I know about Target and their ridiculous "Customer Service". Ha. What a joke.
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Target has had the same return policy for AT LEAST 7 years. That is when I started working there...and it has not changed. Why are people still surprised about it?


that only stands true if you pay for them in cash. Target also has an amazing system that can pull up purchases on credit, debit, gift cards, checks, EBT cards and by activation codes (within 90 days of course).

So, if you pay cash, YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE RECEIPT!


I'm sorry you don't know how to read... the return policy is written by the registers, above the guest service desk on a BIG red sign, on the website, known by heart by any team member, and, oh, on the back of the receipt.

What else could POSSIBLY be done to get people to understand?


You're looking for warranty help and you have no way to prove when it was purchased?


the return policy is stated by every cash register

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Houston, Texas
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Target & their AWFUL Gift Registry Return Policy

In early 2008 my fiancé & I opened our wedding registry at There, we registered for more than 70 items available at any Target location, or on their retail website. By opening a registry at Target we encouraged our friends and family to shop there, not only for our wedding gifts, but also for themselves. We created many new Target customers, out of the more than 285 invited guests to our event and received many gifts, from Target, at the showers and wedding celebration held in our honor. 8 days after the wedding ceremony & celebration, and only 2 days after returning from our honeymoon, we gathered all of the extra or unnecessary items, originally purchased from Target, and took them to the Target store located in my hometown of Peachtree City, Georgia. We were hoping to return these extra, or unnecessary items and exchange them for Target store credit with which we could purchase other, previously uppercased items off of our wedding registry. 6/7/08 - After a friendly greeting and explanation of our intentions, we were informed that only a few of the items brought with us that day would be refundable for two reasons. First, any items that were over $20 and without a receipt, were not acceptable - not for a store credit, not for any type of restocking fee - NOTHING. Next, we had two items that had gift receipts that were more than 90 days old. Because these items were over $20 & were accompanied by receipts more than 90 days old, they were not to be accepted by Target at all. I explained to Crystal, the Peachtree City Target's customer service representative, that we received these gifts one week ago at our wedding, on May 30th, 2008 (date listed within the Target system on our registry). I asked how it could be possible that our guests could purchase these items early, include a gift receipt & the items still be non-refundable for a store credit minus any restocking fee? Crystal informed me that our wedding gifts were purchased "too early" and that although the items are still currently sold, at original price, through Target, there was nothing she could do about it. She encouraged us to go back to our wedding guests, the gift givers of these non-refundable items and ask for their credit card information, that way she could pull the receipts out of Target's system & see if there was anything we could do. I informed Crystal that going back to a wedding guest & asking for their credit card information would be extremely rude, not to mention tacky. She then suggested that we LIE to our friends and family, tell them their gifts were broken or defective & get their information that way. WOW...! She then gave me Target's corporate customer relations hotline number & I proceeded to call from the red, consumer hotline phone located in Target's customer service center. After speaking to a consumer service rep on Target's hotline and receiving no help, I was turned over to the customer service hotline's manager, Antonio. He basically told me that there was nothing to be done and to get off the phone, take my items, go home and "Have A Nice Life." Literally... This took more than 35 minutes. At that point I was so frustrated, I took what little store credit we did receive, my extra, unnecessary items and left the Peachtree City Target, for good. A week later (6/14/08), upon returning to our new home in Lawrenceville, Georgia, I decided to visit the Buford, Georgia Target location to see if I could get more favorable results. I spoke to the manager on duty, Kayla and explained my situation and frustrations, regarding Target's registry return policy. Kayla was able to issue me a store credit for 3 items, that added up to under $20, and added that to my previous balance from the returned items from the weekend before. However, due to Target's strict registry return policy, I am still left with two extra shower curtains ($30 each), panini press ($40), dishware set ($60) measuring cup set ($26), & bad impression of Taregt! I am at a complete loss as to why Target would treat their gift registry consumers this way & why there is no amended return / exchange policy for all of the registry customers??? Since then, I have filed a complaint against Target Corporation with the Better Business Bureau & did receieve a call from Brad, another Target Customer Relations "Expert." Brad was very apologetic for the way I was treated, but said that nothing could be done. I am now on a quest to inform anyone and everyone that I possibly can about Target's outrageous return and exchange policy for their gift recipients.
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YOU ARE SO RIGHT! their policy sucks and considering boycotting too.

my daughter recieve clothing for her birthday that did not fit. target made a stink and did not take back the items. they told me to "donate" them. bs.

why can't i exchange them?

it's so ***. as much as i hate walmart...they are looking better and better.


John, you're a complete fool! I can't even deal with idiots who hop on and try and protect their company.

This is a routine problem with Target and I stopped shopping there 7 years ago when after we had 400 people at our wedding, who back then did not get gift receipts unless they asked for them. We blessed Target with a lot of business, thousands of dollars worth, and they thanked us by not even letting us exchange TOWEL COLORS when we got too many of one kind! They are atrocious! I cannot believe they are still doing that!

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I spread the truth about their awful customer service every chance I get.


target's return policy is not that horrible. Getting a simple gift reciept is not hard at all.

A gift reciept prints out with every reciept.

Also 90 days is a considerable amount of time. That is almost 3 months!

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New York, New York
Target Manager
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Target refused to honor extended warranty on DVD Player

I bought a Dual Screen Portable DVD Player and the extended warranty from the Target Store in Springfield, Ohio in January. This morning (6/21/08) we turned it on and one of the screens only had a big white blob, and no picture. We called the customer (dis)service number for the warranty and they absolutely refused to make good on the warranty, saying that it was intentional. We discussed and argued with them, but all they did was interrupt and talk over us. We returned the player to the store, and they refused to do anything because it was after 90 days. I explained that we purchased the warranty plan, so they should take care of it for us. I then asked if they could call the warranty service, since it is Target's logo on the warranty sticker on the player. They refused. I told them they should stop selling a warranty program that does not do what it promised. Thanks to target, I am out $180 for a junk DVD Player ($20 of that is for a junk warranty). DO NOT EVER STEP FOOT IN A TRAGET STORE EVER. AND NEVER BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY.
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Winter Park, Florida
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Target Doesn't Stand Behind Defective Goods

I bought a $30 Target brand clock which quit working after 8 months. I took it along with the original receipt to Target. They refused to do anything because after 90 days they take no responsibilty whatsoever. They referred to my receipt as Not Valid because it was over 90 days old. Consumers must be made aware of this practice!! Iwas given the tollfree customer service number and they gave me the name of the manufacturer and advised that I contact them for help. But they had no web address, mailing address or phone number for the manufacturer. Oh, and by the way, they advised me that I should have purchased an extended warranty if I wantd protection beyond 90 days.
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This is what you do it if Target still has the item. Buy a new one return the broken 1 with the new receipt.

Three months is not long at all this happened to me with a blender I bought.

I used it maybe 5 times in those 90 days and it gave out. Why should we have to go to manufact to get a new one that takes months and most time you have to pay for labor.


My son got a leap frog electronic toy for christmas. It did not work out of the box.

When i tried to exchange it for a working one they would not exchange it with out a receipt. Even though it was brand new in the box (they scanned it and it was a target product). One excuse they gave me was that it had been on sale and they didn't know how much to refund. Which was so pointless since I didn't want any money only a working product.

I agree that Target doesn't stand behind their products at all.

In fact I feel they stole money from my family member that purchased the broken product. TARGET steals money from it customers.


I'm no a Target spokes person, but I work there. Your ***!

If it malfunctions before 90 days bring it back to the store. Anything over that must go through the manufacture warranty which is usually 1 or 2 years.


Just for clarification purposes, when an item is defective that means it malfunctions from the beginning -- not after 8 months of use.


Nikiski, obviously needs to go back to the third grade and learn how to read. It would tell her on the back of the receipt that the return policy is 90 days.

She should also take a third grade course in math. 90 days is three months, 8 months is 240 days roughly give or take.

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Houston, Texas

Target's ridiculous return policy

I recieved 2 $30 baby bouncers for my baby shower that I registered for. I recieved them as gifts and did not recieve gift reciepts for either of them. When I went to return them, I was told their return policy had changed and I was only going to be able to get a maximum of $20 for the baby bouncer that cost $30 and was unopened and in brand new condition. I understand stores must have return policies, but what is the point of registering if it does me no good? I will no longer shop at Target and before anyone else does, they should think about if the need to return the item arises, is it over $20? Because if it is, you will only get $20 back if you need to return it! There is also absolutely no point in registering there. You are basically generating income to Target by bringing your friends and family into the store to spend money on items on your registry but they don't thank you for that, the return policy remains the same if it's on your registry or not.
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I don't blame it on "the thieves" - that is lame. I blame greedy Target corporate heads.

The gift registry (which indeed will SHOW that items have been purchased!) should count as a receipt. Target could easily do this and give the registrants store credit gift cards - it is what many other stores with registry options do! Target is being *** - they lose way more money irritating consumers this way. They have from me.

I had an awesome experience with Bed Bath & Beyond registering for my wedding and doing a couple of returns. Now I am now a loyal customer there and think to shop there way more than I would have if my experience hadn't been so good. My bad experience with Target registry returns, while not surprising, was still very irritating.

So now I limit my shopping there to the absolute minimum. So their "saving" of about $30 on an item I couldn't return has now cost them about $2000 in business and counting.


WHY should a gift registry count as a receipt????? It isn't.

$2,000? Seriously???


Hummm, wedding gifts costing $2,000.00? Targeteer - isn't that ridiculous?

Advice to Beanie: Give any other different store $2,000.00 in business. I'll assure you that you'll be treated with civility!


I received a Polaroid Digital Picture frame for Christmas. Tried it.

The device would not upload pictures from the computer (no USB function). Tried to return item in original package, with receipt, two weeks after purchase. I was told it had been "used." The manager refused to meet with me or provide his name.

Customer Service said their job is to back the store managers. Tell your friends: Do Not Shop at Target!


Was the camera SUPPOSED to have a USB function? If yes and it's not working then its returnable IF it was purchased within 45 days of receipt.

If camera does not come with USB function but you used it anyways, then learn to love your camera.

It's been used and not returnable. Read up on it BEFORE using it.


Perfect answer to problem - don't shop at Target! There, all fixed!!

Other stores knock themselves out to please their customers. Go somewhere else to shop!


Acually clexeus it was rude for your friends not to give the gift receipts.


My sons were given shorts for their birthday but, they were way too small. The shorts were from Target, had the tags on them, price and all.

I took them to Target and told them that all I wanted to do was exchange the shorts for the correct size. I was told that without a receipt I couldn't do that. I told them that the shorts were a gift and I didn't have a receipt.

They would not let me get the correct size shorts (therefore my sons never were able to wear the shorts) and then told me from now on to tell all my friends and family to include the receipt with the gift. RUDE!!!!!


I received a Polaroid Personal DVD Player as a gift when I went into the hospital last November. It worked for exactly 7 weeks.

I am an adult and used the product carefully.

(Polaroid is a POS) When I went to return it, I was told they had a 45 day return policy and too dang bad. I will NEVER buy anything from Target again.


They need better security then since it isn't ok for them to allow people to steal items and then USE THEM either. If someone receives a toaster as a gift and they'd like to exchange it for a blender... it isn't likely a scam as if that were true..they'd have just stole the blender.

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Gilbert, Arizona
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Unacceptable Return Policy

My wife and received a Boppy seat from our baby gift registry. We assembled the product and found it was defective and then tried to exchange the seat. When we presented the seat to the employee and explained we had no receipt, we were told they would NOT exchange the seat, for the EXACT SAME product, without a receipt because the product was valued at over $20.00. The TARGET product was defective, a gift from a registry, and we wanted to exchange for the same thing. Too bad, so sad, it's a Target product but with no receipt they wouldn't exchange it, even when it's broken. Target's return policy is pathetic and is a real deterent to customers.
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I don't know if Target reads this, or even cares, but I will feel better yelling at something. I tryed to return a video game that I bought my son for Christmas.

(I did not keep the reciept, my bad). They told me that I could not because I had returned up to $70.00 over a 365 day period without a receipt. Question? How much did I spend in your store over a 365 day period?

My guess? Thousands. Please don't treat me like a criminal. I love your store and shop there weekly.

Why would you treat a customer that spends so much money in your store like that? Base your return policy on each person, don't just assume that we are all trying to steal from you


Good luck to your child, he/she will need it with parents like you. Do a favour for your child give it up for adoption so he/she can be adopted by someone normal and live with normal people.


Good luck to your child, he/she will need it with parents like you. Do a favour for your child give it up for adoption so he/she can be adopted by someone normal and live with normal people.


You are married, are you even old enough to get married or did your mother lie about your age to get rid of you. Or are you a disgrunted employee that was fired from Target.


Ghostbuster, what a crock. No, I don't blame the BAD PEOPLE of the world that steal, I blame TARGET.

All other retail department stores have BAD PEOPLE that steal from them, too, but that doesn't stop them from giving decent customer service.

Target stores are pathetic. I hope it comes back to *** them on the *** eventually.


Well sorry, but you see there are bad people in the world that take advantage of the return policy and take things off the shelf and try to return it without a receipt claiming it was a gift. Blame them. If you know anyone that does this tell them to stop.

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Phoenix, Arizona
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Target Customer Service SUCKS!

Let me preface this story with letting you know that I have two small kids and am disabled and getting out to get the shopping done is at times a feat! Today was one of those days! I spent over 2 hours shopping for household daughters birthday items and groceries. I used a credit card that I rarely use and as it does was denied...(this bank sucks too...thats a whole different complaint) Never mind the fact that there is PLENTY of money in the accnt.. I asked if they could please hold the items and I would go home........get the other card for that accnt and be RIGHT BACK! I was assured that my items would be in CUstomer Service. I went home......I am disabled and my legs were hurting so my husband went IMMEDIATELY back to pay for the items. THey were ALL RESTOCKED! They said there were cold items in they restocked EVERYTHING! When he told me I burst into tears. Then i called the manager to complain. She said she was sorry............
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Actualy Cathy, I think if her children got sick because they kept her food products out of the freezer she would not care, but mind you that she has to move her fat *** and find all the products again. Her disability is probably obesity, and she was probably tired because her legs had to carry her lazy fat body for five whole minutes.

Hopefully this will make the crybaby cry more.

Also if the OP came here for sympahty than she is a real loser. Lisa P is not the OP Cathy, she just got fired from Target, made a letter about it about how she got fired for being late a few times.


Target owes no one an apology. Food safety laws would force them to put the items back if a customer does not return quickly.

She said she went home, and her husband had to finish the shopping for her. So this was more than the few hours that she was supposed to return.

I agree with ghostbuster, why could your husband not get the cold items which were restocked. Which would you rather have your children getting sick because of spoiled products from being outside the freezer too long or to get products which were put back for your own safety.

Don't worry ghostbuster, I have a feeling that Lisa P is a friend of the OP, or knows the OP herself.


Helllo Lisa P, I am eleven and Target does not hire eleven year olds, besides the fly liked my comment. She did not even pay for the items because her credit card was declined.

Also her husband did not come home with what she wanted so she cried. Everything makes her cry I bet.


Ghostbuster the arrogance of your message being both unsympathetic and a pathetic response, especially when you dont know the whole perameters, yet think the worst and defend Target. It says far more about you and the type of ignorant person you obviously are than the complainant.

A easy way out of this would be for Target to allocate someone to help them reselect the items, with an apology. Let me guess you work for Target and/or are just truly sad.

Targets customer service has gone way down hill in recent years, may be they need someone to educate the management and employees how to deal and be sympathic to their customers. Your kind of response achieves none of that.


No offence but why did your husband not just get the items that were restocked. Also how long were you gone for before your husband went to buy the items.

If you said you would come back in a certain period of time and that passed along with the grace time they probably put the items back because they thought you won't come back.

Blame your husband for making you cry. :cry :cry

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Sacramento, California
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I visited the Target at Memorial Mall, Houston, Texas and my daughter and I headed to the fitting room, she had 7 items and I believe their "policy" is 6. When the employee counted and told my daughter that she will have to leave one of the garments outside,...
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ALL companies have policies and ALL companies have theft problems. TARGET is the only company that treats its customers like criminals. I whole heartedly agree with the poster of this message!

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Houston, Texas
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Target refuses to honor product guarantee

Recently traveled to New Orleans. Used a Target backpack with supposed TSA approved travel locks. The locks were manufactured for Target under one of their house brands (e.g., Heartland, Archer Farms, etc...can't remember what their travel brand is offhand). The locks came with a guarantee of a full refund if they failed to perform as advertised. Upon return to my home airport, I noticed that the TSA at MSY had cut the zippers from my backpack to inspect the bag. I contacted Target via and requested a refund for the locks. The slick gentleman who responded to my e-mail initially acted as if he was going to be helpful. However, he was obviously some of a liability specialist and, after "researching" the matter, he quickly told me that I would have to submit a complaint to the manufacturer of the locks and not to Target. Again, the packaging for the locks indicates “made for Target Corp”. It's not really that big of a deal for me since we are talking about $5 locks and a $25 backpack, but people, especially those contemplating higher priced items, should be forewarned about how Target handles the "guarantee" of its products, which is to say that they don't.
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Target does not have a store brand for locks. Archer Farms if the brand of some of their consumable products... Heartland is not a Target brand either.


I think you should be worried about the TSA more than Target. The TSA should not be cutting open bags or luggage.

They have xray for that. They do not have the right to do that.

I'm sure they were just looking for an ipod or camera to steal. you should have complained to the police or the TSA manager or your local news.

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Clifton, New Jersey
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My Husband has given 7 years to Target as an Executive Team Leader, working long crazy hours. This company has done nothing but use my Husband and send him to stores that are having problems. He has worked in retail for 20 years, the other 2 companies he worked for...
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I started at target about 3 months ago as a GSA (Guest Service Attendent) I have disabilities and I was told Target is a big support for individuals who have disabilities, I told them I have a disability after they asked why i wasnt performing the job functions as correctly but the team members and team leads still talk gossip about me tattle on every little thing i do and think its ok to lessen my hours when a cashier gets more, I highly dont recommend Target as a place of employment for individuals with special needs.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
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Target - Baby Registry Returns RIPOFF

Target's Baby Registry is a ripoff. Their returns policy left my daughter with 16 pacifiers, a broken warmer for wipes. They created the problem by allowing multiple items to be purchased FROM the registry. Target does NOT pay any attention to whether the item was purchased 2 times or 16 times. They allow only 2 items of $20.00 or less to be returned in a year. They do NOT care if the item was broken when the box was opened, no receipt, no return. DO NOT use the Target Baby registry it does NOT work like other baby registries. Our family will not shop at Target again.
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Cornelius, North Carolina

No air ventilation and gas fumes for early morning employees at Target

I have a friend that works the early morning shift and goes in at around 4 AM. He says that to conserve on energy, Target shuts the ventilation system off until the store opens. Meanwhile, the employees have to work in hot conditions and must breathe the fumes from the gas powered floor buffers. He says that many of the employees feel sick from this. It's not even summer yet. No one should have to work under these kinds of conditions especially with having to work for less than $8.00 an hour. When I come in to shop in the morning, you can still smell the fumes and it is hot.
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Target doesn't hire people under 16 years old and no one that young would be working at 4:00am. Speaking from experience, it must be that way in all Target stores. It's miserable before 8am when the store opens.


I had an awful experience as a department manager at Target. I ran the Ladies and Mens Dept.

completely by myself. So, I had to merhandise, do planograms, adjacancies, clear out the fitting room, get returns, fold the tables, finger space all the racks, expected to run a register when they were short, and when it was my turn, supervise the other soflines departments! My store manager started to harrass me, basically-as hard as I worked, it was not good all the racks weren't finger spaced, and the adjacancy wasn' EXACTLY done acordinally to plan...close, but that did not matter, and he would not listen to why it was done that way-He just knew it wasn't exact-That's when I lost It!!

I couldn't

take the abuse any longer and quit that day! ABUSE-that's what it comes down to.


I bet the friend is under 14, you have to be 14 to post on this site. :D


How old is your friend. Can't he/she speak for themselves.

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