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Lack of popular items in store

In your Hagen Ranch & Jog Road, Boynton Beach, Florida, I couldn't believe the number of items that I needed and were not on the shelves. This is our second disappointed visit to this store. When I complained, your salespeople said that they are going through a "transition". What does that mean? Some of the items were: women's visors (which my friend said she purchased at a Target), suppositories, Melatonin, travel accessories, etc. I was told that you carry all of these items but the store was out of them. My husband & I made a special trip to your store and was extremely disappointed. Is that store closing? It is fairly new. In these days with the cost of gas and the fact that we are senior citizens and on a fixed income, we feel that we should be compensated for this timely, expensive and frustrating experience. What is happening to Target??? Aside from the lack of merchandise your sales help was misdirecting us to other parts of the store to try and locate the visors. We ran from sports to ladies accessories without success.
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Boynton Beach, Florida

Food stamps fiasco

Went to shop at the new Super Target, in my neighborhood ,the necessities of an unemployed family man ,when i got to the register i was told that I need it to pay some of the items i got , I ask why the person at the register did not have a clue second cashier approached and told me to learn how to pick my groceries come on, my family and I been receiving help for the last 5 weeks , I think I Know how to pick my grocery's was embarrassed have of the place found out I was paying with a government card.
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So, based on the comments here, I guess every person who uses food stamps *deserves* to be embarrassed and publicly humiliated? Wow.

Nice. I didn't realize it was a package deal. Our family of six has now been on food stamps for two years after a major life-change and the new reality of juggling multiple low-paying part-time jobs. This experience has been a serious eye-opener for us.

We are learning what it's really like for those who need to get by on minimum wage jobs that don't offer full-time hours or benefits. We won't be in this spot forever...but in the meantime--I'd appreciate it if Target would get their stuff in order and actually enter all the legitimate grocery items into their system. I too have been told (multiple times!) at various Target stores that part of what I'm purchasing isn't allowed on food stamps and that maybe I don't know what I'm doing when choosing my items. Come on!

ALL food-groceries are allowed (things labeled as "supplements" or which are alcoholic are not allowed--that is all.) If blueberry Yoplait is food, and can be purchase with food stamps, blackberry Yoplait should also purchasable--but you may be told otherwise at Target. (Dear Target, ALL types of yogurt are "food" and allowed to be purchased on food stamps!) I might currently be poor as heck, and daily life may be a genuine struggle right now, but I am not ***.

I know what constitutes "food". Target needs to get their act together and judgmental jerks, who don't know the story of the person who's in line ahead of them, need to zip it.


this topic is sold old.. lol but I didn't even understand half of the original poster's post.


Oh the horrors another person complaining about not getting things for free. Another person complaining about not forcing taxpayers to pay for all the food they want. Another person who would rather get money from taxpayers and watch television than earning their own by getting the job.

Honestly if the OP had a dollar for everyone who whines about not getting taxpayers to pay for all the food they want he would be rich.

I bet you embarrass your family more by living off taxpayers and not getting a job. If you had anything to be embarrassed about you should be embarrassed that other people are supporting you and feeding you while you mostly watch television. If you are on foodstamps how can you afford to have internet access.


Why are you embarrassed that we taxpayers are giving you free food? The people in the store are the same people who voted to give you all that free cash for food.

And yes, some stores will let you slide on items that aren't in the program. But don't get mad when you finally run into a store or clerk that won't risk losing his job for you; just so you can buy alcohol and cigarettes with your childrens milk money.

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Immokalee, Florida
Target Cashier
All I can say is that the Target on City Line Ave in Philadelphia is unbelievably *** They hire the most ghetto teenagers who do nothing but stand around all day laughing, flirting, and shouting at each other. One day 2 of them were even taking turns using the F-word...
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and you do know that MrsLea is a pyscho?

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ticked off consumer at Target

My daughter registered for baby crib and dresser in store and she got gift cards to buy and when she went they said out of stock order online.She had many cards they said consolildate all on one. Then she went to order and they said it would cost 200 dollars to ship. She wasnt going to do that since it was in stock at time of registry-with no warning they wouldnt carry anymore-she can't get her money back for gift cards even with receipts because they told her to consolidate it all to one card.NO more Target for me.
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Sorry the crib and dresser were out of stock, but it happens. She should have picked something else.

And how can you throw a fit about getting money back for gift cards?

Everyone knows you can't get your money back for those. Quit being a pain in the *** and pick something else for crying out loud.

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Jacksonville, Illinois
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Return Policy at Target

I purchase a bed in a bag set about 4 months ago and set it aside to do redecorating. We never opened it until last night when we finished painting the bedroom. When we took it out of the bag it was the incorrect size. On the bag it said "queen" but inside it was a "full" size set. I went to Target to switch it out for the correct size and they said that they could not help me because I did not have the receipt. Even if I had the receipt they would not help me because it was past 90 days. I don't understand what the problem is. I don't want money back or a store credit. All I wanted was the item that I purchased in the correct size. Since it was incorrectly labeled and I bought it over 90 days ago I am the one getting put out for their mistake. I called the store and spoke to the manager and also talk to a "specialist" at customer relations and they would not help me. I have never seen a store that would do this to its costumers. Any other store would have said we are sorry for the mistake and here is the item that you wanted. My daughter repainted her room herself and had the paint custom match that bed set and now all of her hard work has gone to waste. I will never shop at Target again.
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Worst company on the planet. DO NOT register for anything at this store. Worst customer service I have ever had.


you want to return somthing after 4 months, gimme a break.


Yup, that's pretty much how it is. FTTM is 100% correct about that.

It might stink, but target corp makes those decisions not individual stores. All the target team members do is enforce it.


Well- the fun thing about Target is that the return policy is written on the back of the receipt. I'm sorry that it took you that long to realize that the bedding was incorrect, but after 90 days there is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, that can be done.

The system literally bars any returns or exchanges from being conducted. If you don't like the policy because you didn't know it thats your own fault, not Target's.

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Jacksonville, Florida
Target Manager

Target Return Rip Off

When returning some items my daughter had received too many of from her baby shower -- Target gave me $3.98 for a duplicate blanket. I paid $10.00 or $15.00 or more for the same thing for the baby item last month. So basically I returned items which probably cost close to $100.00. Target gave me $52.70 in a gift card and they can now put them back on their shelf and sell them at a higher price. What a scam and a rip off. They give you LESS THAN 50% OF WHAT YOU PAID. I still think it is kind of tacky to ask your friends for a receipt to a gift and I will buy my shower items at BABY'S R' US and skip Target. They don't even have good sales any more.
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FYI...That's what a GIFT RECEIPT is for! What do you expect a business to do?

They have sales ALL the time! Who's to say that you did not buy the items on sale & now you are trying to return them to get the FULL price? People try this ALL the time!!! Target is not out of line here.

If they gave the full price to everyone that did not have a reciept, they would go UNDER!!! Really, they are being nice to allow you to bring it back at all! They will even look up your credit card if you lost the reciept.

GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!! :cry


Quite honestly, you are lucky they gave you any type of refund since you didn't have receipts.


If any one understands how retail works would also take the time to respond and explain that read the return policy it essentially say that without receipt in 90 days exchange or gift card with they will return what you paid for. if you do not have the receipt Target will only give you credit for what the item is selling for at the time of return so NO profit is being made off of you.

think about i if you ran a company and someone returned an item without a receipt would you want to take the loss if that item was actually bought not at your store. Target has almost as much loss from that happening as the do from theft.


I tried to return a Christmas gift last January - it was defective right out of the box. Target customer service would do nothing.

I told them to keep their defective merchandise and contacted their corporate complaints. I got the same "anti-theft, low price" excuse. They are punishing 99.9% of consumers to go after the 0.1%.

Last year, I spent over $2500 at target. So far this year, only $200 (and I give my wife grief every time she ends up shopping there.



It's a shame Target says their return policy is to protect them from theft. That way they can keep the prices low.

So now they are the thieves stealing money from customers.

Looks like they won't feel the lost of customers. Because of the increase in profits from scamming customers that still shop there.

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San Jose, California
Target Gift Card
New Reviewer

Target--Don't register here for your wedding!

I decided to register at Target for my wedding because I thought they had a good selection of products, and they were conveniently located for many of my guests. Of course I received multiples even though I had only registered for one of any given item. Most people didn't include gift receipts either. You would think, maybe, that a regular return policy wouldn't apply to a wedding registry because it's common knowledge that you're likely to receive multiples and/or gifts without a gift receipt. Even though my registering at Target brought them *plenty* of business, I'm still stuck with gifts I don't need multiples of. Why? You're only allowed 2 no-receipt returns per 12 month period, and on top of that, if the value of the item is over $20, then you cannot return the item (or I suppose you could, but forfeit the difference). The manager had the gall to tell me to either bring my husband to the store to return the items that were under $20 in value, or ask a friend to return it for me. They also suggested I contact the gift giver and request the gift receipt. No! I am a stressed pre- and now post-bride, and I don't have time. Instead, I called my friends that are getting married in the near future, told them the story, and they promptly canceled their Target wedding registries.
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You are so right! Target Registry is a nighmare for returns.

I registered for a baby registry and the crib came damaged and they are so unhelpful and have such poor customer service procedures!!! They refused to look up the order number for me, even though I had all the registry info, and they won't accept a return at the store to speed up the process. I have to go take it to the UPS store, and they have to receive it, and they refuse to just send another crib. Instead, they insist of sending a gift card or credit, but will not just automatically send another crib.

What???!!! Now, the baby will be here before the crib!


Same thing happened to me. My bridal shower is tomorrow and my mom called me yesterday to tell me that she took a look at my registry online and I was going to receive double even TRIPLE some of the items on my list when I only asked for one of those items.

Target online and the registry that you print out at target say two different things. Very frustrating. I've been very cool through this whole engagement until I saw this happening.

Don't get me wrong, I love Target! But after my shower I will delete everything and start all over at Bed,Bath and Beyond.


Actualy its up to the guests to make sure that the gift receipt is with the gift. Its not Target's responsibility.

I've gotten shower gifts for friends there, and they do have rocking stuff for your home, but my only nitpicky thing about the list, it that it doesn't get updated that much. That's why you wind up with 2 or 3 of several items.

And don't *** Wally World either! lol


Target still has the same return policy...They have not changed it, as of today 9-15-08. I only wish I had done some research before registering at Target.

This has to be the worst store on the planet.

Register at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can return anything on your registry without a receipt.


I used to deal with this all the time and from the suggestion you were given (to have family members or friends return it for you) it sounds like they tried to do a no receipt return with your ID for two items a year with your ID but you had already used them up. There is no way around this in the computer system.

The old target CEO did change the policy to eliminate registry returns, but a new CEO was also recently hired and changed it back to the old policy. So, now it's not a problem!


I just think it is funny that you and your friends all registered for your weddings at a mass merchandise retailer. Maybe you should try wal mart next time.


My wife and I also had the same problem. The sad part is over one year ago they had a reasonable policy but now it is complete ***.

Because people assume if it is still on your registry you have not received it, but u might have.


Sounds like it's been awhile. Target registries now tracks the purchase receipts. If this just happened you should call them.

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Athens, Georgia
Target Manager

Target forces their logistics employees to work in the dark with no air conditioning during July

I worked at Target from March until July of this year. They treat their employees like slave trade. The logistics team is forced to work in semi-darkness, an impossible task when being expected to sort and classify merchandise. The air conditioning is not turned on to appropriate levels until minutes before opening. The workers are worked, "faster, faster", while being denied appropriate access to water, and bathroom breaks. Personal information about employees is shared at team "huddles", and workers are repeatedly told that they are not indispensable. The press states that Walmart has a poor record as an employer, it would be wise to open an eye towards the "hip, socially forward, discounter".
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your forced to work there? by what a court order, i don't think so, go find another job.


i also work target overnights logistics and they do turn all of there lights off at night and the air. iwork in a supertarget so the grocery side is usually cool but the opposite side probably hovers between 78- 83 degrees at night.

the lights are cut down to 50 percent lighting at night. if you cant see and are to hot i would suggest getting glasses and stop wearing the sweater at night.


Get real. Sounds like you don't like your job. So quit.

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#127817 Review #127817 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Target scanning drivers licence when purchasing wine.

I went to a Target in the Spokane WA area today and when purchasing wine was asked for my drivers licence. I thought she was going to check my age but she actually scanned it on her register. I asked her about it and she said it was a precautionary step in their system. I went to the customer service area and the step was confirmed in a rude manner. It is very unsettling to me and a obscene attempt to gather info. I will going to another store for items Target carries. Seems to be getting worse every day.
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The same store did the same thing to my wife when she was buying a bottle of Tylenol. I called the store manager immediately and he said that it was store policy with certain medications, but aspirin wasn't one of them.

He could not explain why this occurred, other than an employee misunderstanding. We have stopped shopping at Target as a result.


Target will scan your driver's license and store it in their computers, where they can be hacked and lose all that data exactly like what happened to Sony Corporation with all of their customer data recently!


This asinine policy is insane. Why should you have to show a driver's license to buy wine?

What about millions of people who don't have a driver's license? I bought the same wine at my local supermarket with no such harassment after I told them what they could do with their wine.


A lot of states and stores are doing this as a security measure to verify authenticity.


A lot of states are requiring that someones id must be scanned to ensure that the person is of age to purchase not only alcohol but cigarettes, otc pills that contain anything that can be produced to make illegal drugs and is age restricted. dont blame target for fallowing what may be a state regulation with penalty of loosing the license for that item.

and also look at it this way that team member must have thought you to look young. so Big compliment.


Did they ask you if you wanted it scanned or did she just do it? Most stores do this now why who knows. With all the hacks getting people info from major retail stores databases who know who has your info.


Sopund big brotherish. Put a magnet on your licenese for a few hours if it bothers you, it won't be scanable.


they also scan liscenses for cigarettes every where you go and for alcohol pretty much every where maybe you never noticed this before because nobody ever thought you were appeared underage. take it as a compliment go home and drink your wine.


This is the new security that stores are going to have in their stores. It scans the licence for age and make sure its not stolen.

You should be glad they do this.

Because if your licence was stolen and someone was using it the store can recover it for you. quit complainting.

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Issaquah, Washington
I purchased a bed skirt (complete king set) at target. The bed skirt did not fit the bed type, and I wanted to return it to purchase another set of king sheets and pillow shams. Since I did not have a receipt and they could not find the charge on my credit card (I...
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Why don't people hold on to their receipts? HOLD ON TO YOUR RECEIPT.

It's silly for people to expect a place of business to just return any old item without a receipt or any proof AT ALL that it was even purchased in the first place. Consumers need to be responsible.

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#127724 Review #127724 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Livingston, New Jersey
New Reviewer

Target is arrogantly uncaring about helping customers

I moved to a new city and needed to spend a lot of money for household items. I went to Target and the first thing I found was some patio chairs stacked and on clearance. They were sitting right in front of the double doors of their large storage area. I asked a sales person if they could hold them so I could switch cars because I had the smaller one and they wouldn't fit. They refused. I asked to speak to the manager. I asked him because I had never heard of such a thing. I told him I would pay for them first and all they had to do was put a sold sign on them. He refused again. He said someone might come by and buy it again by accident. I asked if they could roll them into the back storage room until I got back. He said no, he didn't want to. Again he brought up they couldn't guarantee that a mistake wouldn't be made. I said they he could refund my money if by some weird circumstance that happened. He said no, they didn't save anything for anyone, either I take it now or don't buy it. I calmly told him that I had moved and needed to spend a great deal of money on items and had just gotten started. Did he not care about the revenue he was giving up by taking this stance? He said he didn't care, that the store was doing well and he didn't care if he lost me as a customer!!! I had this discussion in a calm and courteous voice but couldn't believe I just heard a manager say that to me. I had just read that Walmart and Target were battling each other for business. I knew who would win with that attitude! I told him I would not shop at that store again and he arrogantly shrugged and said fine and walked away while I stood there shocked. I never went back and now avoid Targets at all cost.
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Target is the worst retail chain in America! Arrogant managers i.e.

Alexis, Mgr. in Eureka, Ca. Absolutely no customer service, no accountability for Target's mistakes, poor quality merchandise... Target took my defective bike that I bought from them and promised me a repair.

3 months later I was told to come pick up my bike. Nothing was repaired. They told me that they made several mistakes and they shouldn't have taken my bike or promised me repairs.

I was never compensated for my time, expense or any of Targets errors!Tell all your family and friends to stop buying from a sub-standard retail chain! F-Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel I have to defend myself here.

1)First of all, Target may have that policy but I have done LOTS of shopping in my life and I never ran into this. They certainly have the right, but that doesn't mean it is a good idea. If they are competing with Walmart etc then they need to pay attention to their policies and how they compare to others.

2) The attitude of the employees and manager was anything but polite. And I was NOT throwing a temper tantrum. I was talking calmly and not throwing insults around. Registering a complaint is not throwing a temper tantrum. Yelling and screaming is throwing a temper tantrum which I didn't do. I was asking and then registering a complaint about the policy, as the Target employee at the top of the page said I should do. If you do not like a policy and it causes you not to shop in a store, the store is better off knowing. If one person is offended, there will be many more who are also offended but don't bother to say anything. If I were a manager or owner of a store and people stopped shopping there I would want to know why. In this case the manager however didn't care and said so. I talked to a manager at our local Lowes and calmly registered a complaint about how the tile section was set up because it was hard to find anything. He thanked me very much for the suggestion and said he could see what I meant. A couple of months later they had rearranged things and were very proud of their new system. I was also very happy and have been back many times to buy more tile. It no longer a frustrating experience. Talking to a manager can be very helpful if they listen to you and care about keeping the customers happy.

3) I have many times (just yesterday in fact) run across items that I wanted but were sold already. My reaction was: Too bad I didn't get here sooner! I was not angry with the store or the people who asked them to hold the item. Why should I be? They got there first.

I have shopped in many many stores--now I am showing my age. I can compare attitudes and helpfulness. Target rated a zero that day. Since the manager was also extremely rude, I didn't see any point in supporting the store with my business. It may have been their policy, but their policy was unhelpful and it was enforced in an arrogant and rude manner.


I do appologize that that happened to you but it is tagets policy to not hold items though at store level each store do in most cases hold items. i do it everyday with larger items since we do understand that there is limited quantity of that item and the prospect of selling that item is better then not selling it at all.

it is not our intention to upset any guest with these policies and as to how you where treated by those team members.

i do apologize but if complaints are made those problems are taken care of. We pride ourselves in giving better guest service then our competitors.


The Target hold policy does not extend to limited quantity items or clearance items. Tough totem-poles.

It's because the quantity of the items are limited. It causes for some difficult situations with *** guests, but the policy is in place for a reason.


At my target they can put items on hold but only if you do not pay for it first.


You think that they should have saved the chairs for you yet I bet if they were saved for another customer and you wanted them you would say they should not save items for customers and throw a temper tantrum like you did. You can't get everything you want and have to follow by the rules, or don't come back. I am sure they don't want you.


Target must have really good training on how to be rude and unhelpful with a polite tone of voice. I no longer shop there either because of the lack of common sense or concern for the customer.

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San Antonio, Texas
New Reviewer

Good customer service from the store

Since I posted a complaint for a Target store located at Garden Grove, I thought I should also post another one to praise the customer services of the same company but different city. Target is one of my favorite stores which I will visit very frequently so much so I opened an account with them, so there is that bad Target which I will avoid unless no other option are near or because the gas prices is way too high!. The associates of Target Westminster Mall and Marketplace at Tustin/Irvine are the best, courteous and friendly and that is why I will visit Target more than other cheaper stores, the halls and shelfs are always well stocked and very clean, only one at the Marketplace were an associate didn't try to help (the guy saw me but just kept walking by) but another one were quickly to offer her help and were very friendly. I'm a pretty ugly girl who was born ugly, and some of the guys associates will let you know that but the girls at Target are the friendliest and courteous. What most of the Target stores fail to correct their associates is about 'Let the customer walk by first' many of them will cut and even push their way, making the customer to stop or wait even thou THEY are the customers and the associates SHOULD ALWAYS let the customer go first.
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Los Angeles, California
New Reviewer

Target Online Bridal Registry Issue... Twice!

In the past couple of years, I've been invited to a few weddings that I have not been able to attend due to the fact I moved to the other side of the country. On two occasions, my friends had been registered at Target. I think, "Great, Then I can order something from their registry online and have it shipped to them." Both times I have done this, I have placed the order more than a month before the wedding, the order has gone through, says it will be delivered in a week or two, and then 2-3 weeks after the wedding date I get an e-mail stating that my order has not gone through and it will not go through for another 4-6 weeks. The first time I canceled the order and sent something else. This past time, I'm just letting them get their present late, with a card included stating that "I'm sorry that I will be missing their special day and I'm sure it will be beautiful." Annoying Target, annoying. I'm 24-years-old, at prime wedding-going age, living thousands of miles away from most of my friends, and I won't be purchasing any more registry items through
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Miami, Florida
New Reviewer

Target Rude and Unfriendly Associates

Today 7/14 I went to Target located at Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, normally I will avoid this store because their associates and specially the security man are the most rude of all Target stores I had visited. I wanted to exchange repeats toys my Tot got for his birthday, all the boxes are big so I needed a cart, I parked way far from the entrance (no front row parking) and spotted a cart nearby, when I walked to the cart one of Target associate came at the same time to retrieve it, I called and said 'excuse me, I need the cart please' he just walk by infront of my nose, I repeated 'excuse me' 3 times but he kept walking on, so I run to the front and said 'excuse me can I have one cart please'? his answer were: 'NO' and kept walking, so I said 'excuse me?' (as in 'why') and he said 'NOT WORKING' .... weird ... he can push the cart and the cart is not locked, so why is not working? .... at this point I decided to go in the store and get the cart which he yelled at me saying: 'The cart is not working, the 'Wheels too Wobbly' ...... ok ..... but guess where he put the carts he retrieved from the parking lot which he won't give to the customer who needed it? inside the store with all others carts!. Good thing was the girl who attended my exchange were friendly, security as usual will look at you like you are a thieft and will not help you at all even if he was infront of you and you needed assistance. They gave me a complaint sheet to fill out or told me to call their 1 800 ..... I spent almost 20 minutes waiting to load my complaint to their customer service, but they win this time again, I hung up after 20 minutes as nobody answered my call (this would be my second complaint with this store) The best target store: Westminster Mall, Westminster and Marketplace at Tustin/Irvine. The worst of the worst: Brookhurst, Garden Grove their manager Mr. Nam Tran doesn't want to be bothered with complaints and love rude employees specially rude and unfriendly security guard. Amen.
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Los Angeles, California
New Reviewer

*** Customer Service

We went to a different Target for a price adjustment mistake made at another with reciept and tags in hand we approached the customer service counter. The "supervisor" told us that because the purchase was made at another Target we'd have to go back to that Target because why should HIS store take a loss for a sister stores mistake? I spent 1 hour on the phone with CS in the philipines and got no where. Although it seems everyone at Target is a manager or supervisor. But none of them have the ability to help you. Poor Service!
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I received a Polaroid Digital Picture frame for Christmas. Tried it.

The device would not upload pictures from the computer (no USB function). Tried to return item in original package, with receipt, two weeks after purchase. I was told it had been "used." The guest service provider said manager refused to meet with me or provide me with his name.

National Customer Service said their job is to back the store managers. Do your friends and family a favor: Do Not Shop at Target!


Each store has their own individual separate inventory and there is no system that automatically updates another store's inventory. Therefore if you don't physically have the entire product (new and unused) to return you cannot get a refund or price discrepancy reimbursement at another store.

You must go to the location that made the mistake in the first place.

It sucks, but it's life.

Next time call a head and see if they can take care of a more complicated issue at a different store. That will save you the time and then you won't feel the need to complain later.

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San Francisco, California