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  • May 24
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Worst customer service by phone of any credit card company. The supervisor have no more authority than the representatives. The system will not recognize your old card number even though you have not activated your new card number. So you can't get past the automated system when it asks you to enter the entire number of the new card. Their representatives know conteadict each other. Add comment

Believe me, I prefer to buy my household products at a real store, but more and more I am forced to make my purchases online because it appears stores are unable to keep their products organized and in stock. For instance... underwear. I go to the store, pick up a sheet set or something, and then make the mistake of thinking I can buy some underwear at the store, but when I visit the department most sizes of just about everything are missing.... Read more

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Bolingbrook, IL. Store Manager advised customers are allowed ONE transaction per day and will be denied one than one per day. I bought some toilet paper and was give a $5.00 gift card for the purchase which I wanted to use on my next purchase which was a different transaction and was told NO. I spoke with the store manager and she advised that it was a new corporate policy to increase profits but she did have the authority to override that... Read more

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I upgrades my cellphone thru Target mobile & in exchange they gave me a $300 target giftcard. I Am upset that I am not allowed to purchase Visa,Mc,nor Amex cards. However I was permitted to purchase a variety of other gift cards avail. So I did just that. I purchased $95 worth of other merchant giftcards. When I got home they were NOT Read more

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I was a Target customer for over twenty years, but then a year ago that changed. I use to go to target at least twice a week and spend several hundred dollars a week there. but everytime i would check out the clerks would get more and more agressive about pushing me to get a red card. The last time I wound up in a shouting match with the clerk and I said to myself, "I don't need thisz, life is too short I'm giving them my money and they are... Read more

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I admit I was a few days late on my payment for a bill of $37, but I didn't see ruining my credit score coming. Yes, 34 day delinquent account (because I did not receive the bill) turned into $80 including junk fees that I ended up paying, only to find out that they already turned me into the credit department. I now have a 7 year blow to my credit report. Thanks Target for trying to make sure that all was okay before ruining my good credit. ... Read more

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  • Target
  • May 18
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Stop playing spainsh speaking commercials this isnt Mexico Add comment

I interviewed & got called back the same day saying I got the job & they wanted me to come back in to fill out more paper work. The same person called me back minutes afterwards saying he called the wrong applicant & I was not getting the job. It was very disappointing to think I got the job when I didn't because the employees were unorganized. Read more

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Dear Sirs, your disgusting decision to back this insane agenda in regards to transgender restrooms has forced me to longer do business with Target. You can rest assure most of americans feel the same way. No longer will we stand by while our entire moral value system is eroded. Remember your fateful decision because you can look back on it as the beginning of the end for Target. I would not dare bring myself or any member of my family into your... Read more

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Today i was harshly insulted by a Target "register supervisor" he accused me of lying in front of customers and other employees. He raised his voice at me when i told him i felt disrepected by the way he attacked me. As i left the store he just laughed at my husband and i. I will not be returning to Target any time soon. Read more

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