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I ordered a bed frame from target online two weeks prior to moving. I did so because according to target, it would arrive 5 days before my scheduled move, which I figured gave enough of a window for late deliveries. On the day it was supposed to be delivered I reviewed an email from efwcs stating that they won't be able to deliver until May 2nd, almost a week late. I called them because I will no longer be living at that address and need it sent to my new address, they said it's no problem. Well, May 2nd comes and goes and I call them because... Read more

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I am a long term user on UP&UP products. Recently, I noticed the paper quality on the paper towel is going down. The paper is much thinner, so it breaks when I try to make the half size style. Since the price is not cheaper, I think Target should not drop their quality like this. Otherwise, I will have to go for other brands soon. This is not a single incident I have noticed. A while ago, I'd already seen the worse quality on their toilet paper. I did change to Charmin brand afterward. Now even the paper towel quality is going down. If Target... Read more

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Target - That $5 Targer Free Giftard is not free after all
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Target has a promotion going on right now for Swiffer products which clearly states on the promo $5 Free Gift Card with the purchase of 2 selected items. I bought a "qualifying" 6 items and I got my "FREE" 3 $5 gift cards. I just received my credit card statement, and was surprised to see 3 charges for $5! Called them up, and they referred me to the "FINE PRINT", where buried in the middle of the whole thing is the following: "Your account will be charged the amount of the qualifying item reduced by a Target discount in an amount equal to the... Read more

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  • Target
  • Apr 29
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Bank made a mistake so then target changes me a fee. The amount they charges was greater than the amount I have saved which makes no sense to me so i called and cancelled my account, rep did not offer me to keep it or restore the fees so they have officially lost my business. Add comment

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  • Target
  • Apr 28
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Target's pandering to less than .05% of the population endangers 52% of the population to sexual deviants and predators. Add comment

The customer service for the target red card is horrible. I wish you could give them 0 stars. Hopefully no one has to go thru talking to them. I had a target card for over a year, made all my payments on time and paid my card off in full. When you call customer service, no one speaks or understands english. I called in regards to a credit increase and was told it would take 75 days to get a response either way. I call 3 months later and get told a completely different story. I tell them i was so frustrated with the whole situation and pretty... Read more

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It is egregious that your version of "inclusivity" trumps my child's welfare. Think about all of the mothers who send their children to the bathroom while waiting in line to check out. A public policy like this welcomes predatory behavior with open arms. How will you feel when the first woman or child is violated within one of your stores. Will you feel culpable for taking a stand in the name of being politically correct over the safety of your patrons? You have lost my family's business, and I am aware of many other families that have... Read more

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  • Target
  • Apr 25
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Due to new bathroom policies, I and my wife will no longer be bringing our 2 granddaughters to shop in your stores. Add comment

I recently visited a Target store in Morgan Hill California. When paying I noticed I didn't have my wallet but I had enough cash in my pocket to pay so I did. I forgot about my wallet until 30-40 miles and minutes later when I realized that I had left it on a bench there at Target. My wife called and was greeted by a customer service representative named Lori who was very helpful. Lori walked to the place where I had left my wallet sitting and found it immediately reporting it to my wife and I who were very relieved to hear. I'm not sure I've... Read more

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Target - Review in Supermarkets and Malls category from Las Vegas, Nevada
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Very disappointed with Target. They had an online and in store sale on the Bathery Bath Sponges. It was buy 3 for $1.99 and get a $5 gift card. I ordered 26 and picked them up an hour later and was told i would receive my gift card online. Target then decided it was a glitch the NEXT DAY and it was an in store only after I ordered, paid, and picked mine up. They now refuse to give me my $20 in gift cards after their mistake NOT MINE! I am very upset just called and got hung up on too. This is not how target should be handling thus issue. Many... Read more

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