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I heard president Obama say that target is felony friendly,well my girl friend name laverna Johnson put a application on line an had a interveiw and she started last fri ,sat,sun an today which is fri 2/12 target call her an told her not to come back she passed everything but crimimal background which she had already told target that she had a criminal back ground now i heard obama talks so... Read more

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I'm retired, have all the time in the World, but I hate waiting in line at the checkout area. So I shop in the morning when there's no crowd; Except for the long line waiting for the Single cashier. The other 15+check out stands are as vacant as a ghost town. I know this isn't just a Super Target problem. I refuse to shop at the nearby Wal Mart Superstore anymore since they're afflicted with... Read more

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I am a former employee of Target and know this person, she is a rotten person who lives to make herself larger than life off of other peoples problems. She mocks people with speech impediments and is rude to customers that ask may questions. She has made fun of customers with physical issues with no remorse. She puts fellow employees down when talking about them. She was so heartles she even... Read more

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I placed an order on that was meant as a birthday gift. I was suppose to have it in 5-7 days. It never shipped so I called and was told it was shipping that day. Sure enough it again didn't ship so I called back and was told they didn't have the item in stock. I was told they would "investigate". I never heard from them so I called back AGAIN and was told my order was cancelled. I... Read more

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I got charge twice on my debit card and the manager at the east Palmdale location sucks. They should be able to checks receipts,look at the cameras and accept the mistake they made and refund my money back but it's know 6 days and they still don't refund my money back . That's for sure I won't step a foot on any target stores anymore not with my experience I had on done with them I just rather... Read more

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Target online store is horribly developed and managed. I purchased an item through The item was a third party company, The item came in damaged. Target refused to exchange or refund the item, and told me I had to take this up with the third party vendor. I called and they said Target is contracted to deal with these order issues. I called Target, who again refused... Read more

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I just wanted to see if my Oder was ready for pickup and they said they were going to Check and put me on hold. They put me on hold for 20 minutes and when they came back they said sorry and hung up. Add comment

What is up with target online orders? I ordered a blanket for my grandson online to be picked up at my local store. Wait over a week only to receive an email giving me four days to pick it up or else. Hey target, first if you want to call your customers "guests" then test them that way. Now I have an order which is online only. What us so difficult about shipping it? Why is your store the only... Read more

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I encountered the worst costumer service I have ever received courtesy of I originally ordered a bench on Dec. 24, 2015. Unfortunately the box and the product arrived severely damaged. I still wanted the bench so I brought it to my local target to exchange but was told that they couldn't exchange it because I bought it on, I would have to mail it back. So I got online and... Read more

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yes i tried to set-up online account so i can keep track with my account, and you can't do it unless you consent to paper-less billing, this is ***, all i want to do is keep up with my account, and they say you can, unconsent to there provisions, but they have the right then to reject you from there services This company is something else, i don't need there card that bad, it's going back to... Read more

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